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Archived version 6
a Database of Positive Selection


Rigorous tests

Selectome is a database of positive selection based on rigorous alignment filtering method and branch-site specific likelihood test. Positive selection is detected using CODEML on all branches of animal gene trees.

Search & display

Selectome enables queries according both to the results of positive selection tests, and to gene related criteria. Test results including positively selected sites can be visualized on the tree, and on the protein sequence alignment.

Current data

Ensembl databases version:

  • 68 for the Euteleostomi (bony Vertebrates) tree
  • 70 for the Primates tree
  • 71 for the Glires (Rodents+Rabbits+Hares) tree
  • 71 for the Drosophila (from Ensembl Genomes 18) tree

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